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“I thank Annette von Lerber for the impeccable quality of her translation French - German - English.”
André Bugnon, former President of the Swiss National Council, on behalf of Inter-Translations SA, Bern, Switzerland

"I thank every team member of avl interpreters - be they office staff, sound engineer or simultaneous translator for German - English - Spanish! Our cooperation in 2013 was pleasant, smooth and competent. The feedback we got regarding the simultaneous translation Spanish - English - German was entirely positive."
mission 21, Silke Fehrenbach, Basel, Switzerland

"As a simultaneous interpreter for English - German, Annette von Lerber is easy to listen to and has an excellent inflection and emphasis that sound exactly like the speaker. A rare quality!"
Dan Korem, journalist and profiler, author of "Rage of the Random Actor", USA

"Dear Mrs. von Lerber, I was very impressed by your work as simultaneous translator English - German at the Conference for School Principals in the canton of Zug, Switzerland. Your interpreting was not only accurate and without any significant delay, but in some cases it was even better than the original presentation. Especially when the speaker’s tone was monotonous, your way of interpreting added a refreshing flavor.”
State University of New York, Heinz-Dieter Meyer, Ph.D., Professor, Comparative Education, USA

“Thank you Mrs. von Lerber for the feedback you passed on to us. It highlights the quality of the simultaneous translation French - German - English that you and your team have provided. I heard only positive comments. The particularly good translation of the terminology received many compliments.”
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR, Geneva, and Swiss Refugee Council SRC, Bern, Jürg Nydegger, Switzerland