We gladly advise you personally and offer you a tailor-made solution according to your needs.

In a conversation or based on an online inquiry, we clarify the key points to ensure a successful mandate:

  • Place and date of the event, with duration of the interpreters’ interventions
  • Source and target languages
  • Technical equipment
  • Type of event, topic, available documents for preparation
  • Type of interpreting


We differentiate between the following types of interpreting:

Simultaneous Interpreting: The speaker talks non-stop and is being interpreted at the same time (simultaneously). The audience receives the interpretation via an earphone (receiver). Usually, two interpreters work together taking turns, either in an interpreting booth or stationed somewhere in the room and whispering into a mobile interpreting unit (chuchotage). avl interpreters also offers you the necessary equipment.

Consecutive Interpreting:
The speaker interrupts his speech to allow the interpreter to translate either sentence by sentence or by making a summary for the entire audience. In this case, no special simultaneous interpreting equipment is needed.

Liaison Interpreting:
It is like consecutive interpreting but for small groups of up to four people.

AVL: The best choice for every interpreting type.

The sooner we can advise you and know your needs, the better the personal solution we can offer you. Call us for a free consultation and an initial indicative offer. We are here to help you!